"Redirect Your Destiny"

An online fantasy graphic novel set in the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics, where only the finest students are accepted to train in the arts of magic, summoning, weapons and technology. It is here where the redirection of destiny will take place.


Another Status Update

First of all, Otakon is coming up this weekend in Baltimore, MD, and as I had mentioned before, I will have a table in the artist alley! So if anybody is planning on going, find me at table C5! Comment if you're going!

For people who aren't going to make it, don't feel too left out because over the past week I changed my personal site to include an online store! You'll be able to find everything that I've been selling at these conventions over there, including the Something Colorful artbook! Furthermore, in addition to PayPal, the store also accepts payments through Google Checkout, as well as automating check and money order transactions so you don't have to print and fill out a form! ;D Check it out!

Incidentally, my personal site itself got a nice facelift too. :3

Since I last posted, I managed to move back into my mom's house, although everything's a complete mess! I've been living on the couch of the living room this whole time because we haven't cleared out enough furniture for me to establish myself in an actual bedroom, but we're hoping to get that underway after I get back from Otakon. Because of this, I haven't been able to work on the comic pages since there's literally no physical space for me to do so! :[ But what I HAVE been doing is planning out more of the plot, so when I do get those pages underway they should pan out smoothly?

As for my laptop, it finally got fixed too! It turns out that they had to replace the whole motherboard along with the cable connecting it to the LCD. >_o BUT it's been working splendidly now, so glad that's been taken care of. :Db

Anyway, I'll definitely get back to work on the comic when we get all the furniture in place. Until then, I'll try to keep you regularly posted!


I’M GOING! <3 I’m looking so forward to meeting you and getting my hands on the first book ^-^ See ya there!

and for some reason my posts never go through all the way oO It was also supposed to say that i was excited to see you there and to get my hands on the first book n.n;

I”m going…..can’t wait!

I’ll find you. :) My creepy stalker side is so coming out. Mwah!

I’d like to come, I have summer holidays but it’s over the great pond and I don’t have enough money :(

I know I saw you at ACEN, but I’ll probably be happy to see you again XD and most likely buy something from you this time.

have fun! =]

I’m going to be there tomorrow! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

I’ll be on D02~!!! see ya there, I think our tables are pretty close. lol ^_^

lol, well that makes sense i suppose then n.n If it makes any difference, i’m going to be dressed up as baiken from guilty gear :3 pink hair and everything, but you’re at the top of my list to go see!

I so fan spazzumed at your booth n__n you should’ve had a tip jar in place…though i did end up giving you an extra dollar ^-^ Love the work so keep it up!

… I do hope you’re going to Otakon ‘09. I actually hadn’t read your story until after this year’s Otakon and after I bought a print and…

I am more than impressed. Keep up the great work!

I didn’t get to buy another book to hand out to a stranger! :(

I hope to see DOD take off soon. I have been a fan for years, but as an artist I totally understand that real life comes first. Just letting you know there are people out there who are desperately waiting for more of your amazingly beautiful and intricate story. Good luck!

Woefully, the resolution is regularly something that is so effortless it would only require a short instance of time to get into place, but is regularly excluded.

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