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An online fantasy graphic novel set in the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics, where only the finest students are accepted to train in the arts of magic, summoning, weapons and technology. It is here where the redirection of destiny will take place.


An Update on the Current Situation

Okay, so first of all the laptop got fixed and it hasn't really given me any more problems since the repairs were done. However, Anime Expo is coming up next week so that takes priority as far as what I need to work on right now, but other than that things have been going down here at my apartment that have been very stressful lately, which is why I haven't been able to update at all.

The most minor of the problems, although it'd still given me endless amounts of grief, was Rupert's (my cat's) inconsistent toilet habits. Ever since I left him with my mom while I was gone to conventions, he'd been peeing and pooping all over the apartment instead of in the toilet like I had trained him to. Before I left for the conventions he was really good about using the toilet, but since I came back it's like he'd been detrained. For the past three weeks I had tried to keep a constant watch over him to make sure that he didn't leave me any presents on the floor, and some nights I would stay up all night just watching him because it would be maybe 12AM and he would start acting like he needs to go, but then it'd be 5AM and he still hasn't gone, until finally I fall asleep at 7AM to wake up an hour later and find that the whole apartment smells like crap. Suffice to say these are not ideal working conditions. Today, however, I gave in and put him back into a litterbox on top of the toilet, where I plan to retrain him back up towards using the toilet, but at a slower pace that's more comfortable for him. I think that if he can associate the bathroom and the toilet with elimination again after getting used to using the litterbox on top of the toilet, he'll stop doing it everywhere? So um, that's one issue taken care of for now?

Another issue was the $700+ which one of my old roommates owed me for his final rent payment. I don't think my roommates and I left on good terms, especially after certain events that happened halfway through their stay; and even after a year I still have no real insight to their character, so for all I know the guy could just up and leave and not return my money. I would be able to get a hold of him sometimes, but he kept saying that he'll pay me later, he'll pay me later. I kept telling him, "Well, okay, take your time," because I wanted to trust that he's not in fact a terrible person and he won't just make off with my money. But finally, it was last Saturday, and I was calling him while he was at the airport about to go back to Japan for forevers, and he's still telling me that he'll pay me later. By this point I've practically chewed my whole hand off with anxiety. Anyway, the short of it is that at long last, yesterday one of his friends came over to drop off his money and forge his signature to cancel his lease. (The other roommate who had left earlier hadn't signed his lease cancellation letter either, but I just forged his signature myself because I had already collected his debt. 9_9) So that's one more thing off my chest.

The most dire of my problems however had just reared its head to me within the past week, although I should've seen it already from miles away. It has not been resolved yet, so I'm not going to talk about it, but basically if worse comes to worse I might have to move back to my mom's house. That in and of itself isn't so bad, but if it does happen, it will take a while.

Anyway, I really hope everything works out, but I'm not betting on the solution being clean and easy. Until then I'll try to squeeze whatever comic drawing I can inbetween, but I can't guarantee any consistent updates until everything's resolved. I apologize :/


Naw, it’s a-okay Hans! Go and live your life - and solve whatever problems you have at hand! I’m sure all your readers all understand your situation! throws glances at rabid fans

It’s cool, you’re still updating in my mind, since you’re actually telling everyone what’s going on. Go ahead and focus on your IRL problems, so you can get back to it asap! whipping sounds <3

wow, sounds like a whole heck of a lot going on here…sorry to hear it ><;

I hope things get much much better for you and i know i’m not the first one to think or say this to you probably but i know how crappy room mates can be sometimes e.e; So hopefully things are better in that department for you soon :)

on a completely different side note, i’m a very new and recent fan of your works and look forward to reading more from you when you have the time <3 lovely lovely works and i hope to catch you at otakon while we’re there :)

So it seems your minor troubles haven’t gotten the best of you yet, but are pretty close to doing so.

Even if we don’t want you to apologize, we still & always forgive you, for we all believe you are a great guy entirely, just faced with more obstacles than usual for now.

I pray all is settled soon, & the fact that a couple of your problems are being resolved is indeed something to keep in mind to help you through all this, along with our words of positivity & support.

Till you can get past all obstacles & resolve all problems you face as of the present, we shall wait patiently upon your updates on your beautiful comic.

Just don’t abandon what you have started, but not entirely finished yet.

Sorry to hear about all of this going on. As some have already mentioned, you’ve done more then enough with letting us know what’s going on, instead of just leaving us with a blatant “No Update” page. For that, I have utmost respect :)

On the brighter side, I must admit that hearing that your cat is trained with the toilet fills me with sheer amazement. I have a cat myself, and I could never even imagine something like that! Bravo :D

DoD will always be here, and your fanbase will be too, so just take your time to figure stuff out, and we’ll all welcome you when you get back :)

Hmm, sounds like you have typical post-college blues. I hope things get better soon, they usually do!

Oh wow! You trained your cat to go in the toilet? When I read your DA journal I thought you were just… saying toilet and meaning litter box… but omg… the toilet? All of our cats became outside cats because we didn’t like dealing with the litter box. That’s awesome :D that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of. Even cooler then a cat playing fetch correctly :D And don’t worry about updates. We’ve lived without them for so long we can do it again :) slow and steady wins the race ya know

Oh man, that sounds like loads of trouble. Take your time. Your fans are patient. ;)

Your artwork is great so take all the time necessary to work things out…

Sorry to hear about the stuff that’s happening… I hope it all gets sorted out.

But that’s WEIRD that that happened to your cat too :o My cat was pottytrained for like two years. Then I went on vacation and WHAMMO - she started crapping in the corner of living room.

Well, as long as we know you’re alive and haven’t dropped the comic it’s OK :)

Did the comment box change? Maybe it’s just me.

I think your cat is just rebelling for leaving him.

Well at least you seem to be updating in some way.

No worries Hans. Take your time and work on the comic when you can breathe again. Just remember that you are teaching us patience (which everyone needs a bit more of) and when you come back it will have been well worth the wait. Just like it was to see DoD start up again after its break. Take care, God bless and good luck.

Wow. How awesome are all these comments!

But yeah. This is why I still live at home during college. So you beat me to infinity by managing what you do.

Keep it up and thank you so much for keeping us updated!

Yeah I’m wondering how long my sister will last. She’s been going for five months now but that could easily change.

What if he falls in?

All cats are trained in advance techniques of self-rescue.

Hans, Thank you for the update, and best hopes for a restart at your earliest convenience.

good luck with everything :D you might wanna take off the comment about forging though because there are some crazies out there that might try and get you in trouble for it :/


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