"Redirect Your Destiny"

An online fantasy graphic novel set in the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics, where only the finest students are accepted to train in the arts of magic, summoning, weapons and technology. It is here where the redirection of destiny will take place.


The Headmaster's Office

Here's the second in the series of watercolor scenes that I'm working on :D It's the Alatus Headmaster's office!

Headmaster's Office

This one was a little tricky because of all the red going on, and with watercolor different colors have different physical properties when you put it on paper. With the red, after you put it on it tends to come off really easy if you do anything on top of it, and ideally I think it should have been left for the last layer. BUT it wasn't, so once it was put on, the rest of the painting felt like walking on tightrope. D:

SO ALSO. I got a better scan of this painting than the last one! The flatbed scanner at work actually scanned my coldpress paintings without any of the coldpress texture! So that means I don't have to do anything in hot press after all ;D (my prior experience with using hot press was relatively unpleasant, so this development pleases me.)

That being said, I rescanned the dorm room picture and changed up the scene a bit. :>

Dorm Room with Zephan and Ryan

This would be a year prior to the start of the story, with Zephan and Ryan both incoming freshman to the Alatus high school. Ryan, having been a student of the Alatus middle school, is showing Alatus new arrival Zephan around the dormitories.

I'm almost done with the next two paintings so I'll post them up within the next week ;D (which happens to be FINALS WEEK BTW alfksdfjsa;dfaj)


Dang….[stares at Headmaster’s Office]…I can’t believe that’s all watercolor. Even just the background, that’s really good. Getting the darker designs on the red would have been a nightmare (or as you said, walking on tightrope). But I really love the space in the office—it’s like it radiates tranquility and authority even though red is usually associated with non-calm colors.

The dorm room also looks much less “texturized” in this image. I never noticed the texture until it wasn’t there, lol >.< But its great you found another scanner :D And Ryan looks so cute in this! <3

Good luck and good skill during finals! :) :)

I’m learning a little bit in class now, but I’m not very good -.-

You’re welcome; thank YOU for posting your work! :)

I love this! And I know nothing about watercolors so I believe you when you say it was difficult haha, it’s really nice to see the site all spiffy now btw! :D

Good luck with finals too! STUDY! lol! :)

The reworking of the scene is GREAT; the first one didn’t sit right with me… I mean Zephan in a CLEAN room? XD

Also I love the organic architecture! The leaf vein windows, the vines worked into the designs and the pointed arches all make alatus feel real. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Good luck with finals~

I have to say that Ryan is probably my favorite character. I love the Rococo-esque style you use with the white and gold in the Headmaster’s office. I also get a nice, warm feeling from the light in the dorm room. Good luck with your finals Hans! Just do your best! :D

Haha, well I actually came across the term “Rococo” in a Harvest Moon game and I looked it up on Wiki and found out what the style was like. It’s very elaborate and usually with white and gold coloring. Interesting, really. ^^

Haha and they say video games rot your brain and make you violent.

Your artwork is absolutely stunning. All of them would look great in any sort of RPG video game.

If possible, I’d like to use your storyline in a game (assuming you have the entire storyline completed) Spriting would be done by a friend of mine however the characters and story would be all yours.

sigh And you were doing so good with regular updates too….

Yeah is a shame it’s fallen by the ways side again. :(

Update soon, please? I miss reading your work!

Hope life’s been going ok for you! Happy Thanksgiving (a bit late I suppose but still) and good luck with everything! :D Hope to hear from you soon! :D

So, uh, I really liked where this comic was going. I really did. It was interesting, pretty, the characters were neat.

But if you have a date set, on your FRONT PAGE, as the end of your hiatus (January 2010, btw), please at least try to update when that day comes around. I mean, it’s almost January 2011.

I’m sorry, I’m just not going to wait around any longer. It’s a bit sad seeing a good comic deleted from my favorites, but nothing’s happening here. :<

Hiya! Hope you’re doing well; school, life, personal stuff all working out fine.

This is hoping you a wonderful winter break! (starts in a week for me -.-)

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