"Redirect Your Destiny"

An online fantasy graphic novel set in the Alatus Institute of Higher Academics, where only the finest students are accepted to train in the arts of magic, summoning, weapons and technology. It is here where the redirection of destiny will take place.


Status Update

So the good news is that the crisis mentioned in the last update has been resolved! The bad news is that I will have to move back to my mom's house, so I'll be busy doing that for the next few weeks. >_o

Aaand more bad news is the fact that my laptop's back in the shop now for the THIRD TIME. It's still the same problem as before, which I thought was fixed the first time around, but I guess it was just biding its time?? So they never actually figured out what was causing it until this afternoon when the screen messed up and froze again, and rather than just trying to turn the computer off and back on like I used to do, I just brought it into the shop in its frozen state and told the guy, "THIS is what my laptop's been doing for the past MONTH AND A HALF!!"

So I guess it's got nothing to do with overheating and everything to do with the graphics card (which is integrated into the motherboard) being messed up? :< Hopefully it'll be fixed some time next week.

Anime Expo was pretty cool, although I was nervous about it because it was the first convention where I had already brought Directions of Destiny to before. Of course everybody who bought the book the first time two years ago gave me a hard time about the second book not being out yet, but I don't blame you guys. 8D()() It does motivate me to work harder to get the second book out by next year though, so wish me luck >3<b

And for people going to Otakon, table assignments have been given out, and I will be sitting at table C5! See you there~

An Update on the Current Situation

Okay, so first of all the laptop got fixed and it hasn't really given me any more problems since the repairs were done. However, Anime Expo is coming up next week so that takes priority as far as what I need to work on right now, but other than that things have been going down here at my apartment that have been very stressful lately, which is why I haven't been able to update at all.

The most minor of the problems, although it'd still given me endless amounts of grief, was Rupert's (my cat's) inconsistent toilet habits. Ever since I left him with my mom while I was gone to conventions, he'd been peeing and pooping all over the apartment instead of in the toilet like I had trained him to. Before I left for the conventions he was really good about using the toilet, but since I came back it's like he'd been detrained. For the past three weeks I had tried to keep a constant watch over him to make sure that he didn't leave me any presents on the floor, and some nights I would stay up all night just watching him because it would be maybe 12AM and he would start acting like he needs to go, but then it'd be 5AM and he still hasn't gone, until finally I fall asleep at 7AM to wake up an hour later and find that the whole apartment smells like crap. Suffice to say these are not ideal working conditions. Today, however, I gave in and put him back into a litterbox on top of the toilet, where I plan to retrain him back up towards using the toilet, but at a slower pace that's more comfortable for him. I think that if he can associate the bathroom and the toilet with elimination again after getting used to using the litterbox on top of the toilet, he'll stop doing it everywhere? So um, that's one issue taken care of for now?

Another issue was the $700+ which one of my old roommates owed me for his final rent payment. I don't think my roommates and I left on good terms, especially after certain events that happened halfway through their stay; and even after a year I still have no real insight to their character, so for all I know the guy could just up and leave and not return my money. I would be able to get a hold of him sometimes, but he kept saying that he'll pay me later, he'll pay me later. I kept telling him, "Well, okay, take your time," because I wanted to trust that he's not in fact a terrible person and he won't just make off with my money. But finally, it was last Saturday, and I was calling him while he was at the airport about to go back to Japan for forevers, and he's still telling me that he'll pay me later. By this point I've practically chewed my whole hand off with anxiety. Anyway, the short of it is that at long last, yesterday one of his friends came over to drop off his money and forge his signature to cancel his lease. (The other roommate who had left earlier hadn't signed his lease cancellation letter either, but I just forged his signature myself because I had already collected his debt. 9_9) So that's one more thing off my chest.

The most dire of my problems however had just reared its head to me within the past week, although I should've seen it already from miles away. It has not been resolved yet, so I'm not going to talk about it, but basically if worse comes to worse I might have to move back to my mom's house. That in and of itself isn't so bad, but if it does happen, it will take a while.

Anyway, I really hope everything works out, but I'm not betting on the solution being clean and easy. Until then I'll try to squeeze whatever comic drawing I can inbetween, but I can't guarantee any consistent updates until everything's resolved. I apologize :/

Laptop broken D8

H-hey guys! Um, so the conventions the past three weeks have been fantastic, and it was wonderful seeing old fans of the comic in person! It really motivated me to work really hard this month to get a buffer of comic pages going on to ensure punctual updates for the rest of the summer!

...Except there is the minor complication of my laptop being in the repair shop right now. >_o I should've mentioned something sooner but augh no updates for like three whole weeks right after I said I'd resume updates == my eternal SHAME. But in any case, while working on prints at A-Kon, my laptop started to just freeze up completely and the fan would start going off right afterwards. It survived through the con all right because I managed to finish my prints before it really started going haywire, but since I've been back every time I tried to turn it on it'd freeze before I could even get past the log-in page.

So now the laptop's being fixed and I'm not entirely sure when I'll get it back. In the meantime I'll try to pencil and ink more comic pages? But to tide you over for now, I started updating my deviantArt gallery! Granted most of the stuff I'm uploading is already on my website, but eventually I'll get around to uploading some of the new fan art prints that I did for the conventions. :D

I'm hoping that I get my laptop back by next Thursday's update so I could put something up, so check back then!

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